Thursday, June 27 9:30 - 14:00

A half-day workshop (9:30-14:00) will be held on atmospheric icing organized by the ICEBOX R&D project.

The ICEBOX workshop will be focused on few selected topics (ca. 3 topics) in relation to atmospheric icing on structures, an example of a topic may be

  • Influence of climate change
  • How do TSO/DSO prevent collapses/outages related to icing in 2050
  • Icing map
  • Icing on bundled conductors.

Each participant will choose a topic and will be working in groups of around 4-5 people answering three questions under each topic. A person from ICEBOX will lead each topic and sum up the work in a presentation at the end of the workshop.

ICEBOX is a R&D program on atmospheric icing on power lines founded by The Research Council of Norway. It involves a contribution from Statnett, Kjeller Vindteknikk, EFLA, I2G, UiT/The Arctic University of Norway, UCAR, CICERO, Landsnet and UiO-University of Oslo.

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